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How Do I Get My VW Radio Code?

If you replace (or unplug) your battery and your Volkswagen radio asks for a code, you are in the right place! Our professional service is able to provide you with the original VW security code of the manufacturer required to activate the Volkswagen car radio after the power loss. We can calculate the original code for a Volkswagen radio or navigation, using only the serial number of the unit! It is very easy and fast to get the Volkswagen stereo radio code, just follow 3 simple steps:

1. First you need to remove the radio from the car.

2. Locate your VW serial number starting with the letters - VWZ...

3. Enter the serial number in the decoding box at the top or bottom of the page.

VW Radio Code Online!

Volkswagen cars have an anti-theft feature built into their radios. Each time you turn off the radio and remove the key, a red light in the faceplate will start to blink - this signals that the radio is in anti-theft mode. Anyone who doesn't know the radio code can't operate it if it's faraway from the car. However, the radio also goes into this mode whenever the battery is disconnected, an fuse is blown otherwise you disconnect the radio from the present supply. You need to reset the radio if this happens.

When the word "SAFE" appears on the radio display once you turn on the radio, it means that the radio will only work after you enter the correct code. Press the "SCAN" and "MODE" buttons at the same time and hold them until "1000" appears on the radio display. Then release the buttons as soon as this number appears.

Volkswagen Radio Codes!

Use the buttons ("1", "2", "3" and "4") to input your vw radio code. Use the "1" button to input the first digit, the "2" button to input the second digit of the code, and so on. When the code appears on the display, press the "SCAN" and "MODE" buttons simultaneously and hold them until "SAFE" appears on the radio display and release the buttons as soon as this appears.

Great news, now you can use the radio again!

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